2012-12-18 INSPIRE Conference 2013 - Call for papers

As much as the Renaissance movement profoundly affected European intellectual life, its influence felt in art,...

2012-12-05 The smeSpire network now expands also in Hungary!

A warm welcome to  HUNAGI , the Hungarian Association...

2012-11-29 Proposal for a new EU Environment Action Programme to 2020

The European Commission today put forward a proposal for an Environment Action Programme (EAP) to guide EU...

2012-12-18 INSPIRE Conference 2013 - call for papers

INSPIRE Conference 2013,
INSPIRE The Green renaissance,
June 23-27, Florence, Italy

As much as...

2012-07-16 INSPIRE Annex II and III draft guidance documents

The current versions of the draft guidelines for all 25 themes covered in INSPIRE Annex II and III aren now...

2012-06-22 INSPIRE Conference webcast link

THe webcast link for the INSPIRE 2012 conference is available:

2011-11-10 The OGC's next meeting will be in Brussels 28 November - 2 December

The Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC®) announced that it will hold its next OGC Technical Committee and Planning...

2011-11-07 OGC 3DIM honors 3D Pilot NL with OGC 3D award

During the well-attended OGC 3D Summit in Boulder, Colorado the first ever OGC 3DIM Award was given to the 3D Pilot NL,...

2011-11-04 OGC and USGIF Announce WhereCon 2012 to be held in Washington, DC

The Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) and the United States Geospatial Intelligence Foundation (USGIF) announce the ...

Plan4business Code Camp 2012 PRESS RELEASE
UWB 2012-08-04

Plan4business Code Camp 2012 PRESS RELEASE from plan4business

Plan4all Book in French
UWB 2012-07-31

The Plan4all book is now available in French language.

Plan4all final french from plan4all

Plan4business started
Tomas Mildorf, Karel Charvat 2012-04-19

The project Plan4business started on 1st  April. The first official event is kick off on 23rd and 24th of April in Darmstadt. Soon we will come with more details.

D6.2 pan european_plan4all_platform
Karel Charvat 2012-04-19

3000 visitors already visited more than 3000 peoples

New Hale Release
Thorsten Reitz 2012-03-28

The HALE team brings a beta version dubbed 2.5.0.M1. It have made HALE ready for many of the complex and challenging tasks that users of schema transformation tools face.

Sixth 'GEO European Projects Workshop'
UWB 2011-12-20

Following on from the success of the 'Fifth GEO European Projects Workshop' in London last February, this is a short email to inform you that the Sixth 'GEO European Projects Workshop' will take place at the premises of the CNR in Rome on 7th and 8th  May 2012.

This event tries to bring all those interested in and actively contributing to the GEOSS from all over Europe to present their work and actively discuss how Europe can best contribute to GEO.

Video on data interoperability (in Italian)
AMFM GIS Italia 2011-12-19

INSPIRE mapping with app-schema
GIJON 2011-11-23

Experience with app-schema and the INSPIRE data model that may be of use for other developers. This tutorial is a side-product of the work developed in the European project Plan4All by Gijon City Council. The solution adopted by Gijon City Council was to publish the data using GeoServer and App-Schema, specifically the 2.2 SNAPSHOT of 2011-11-18.

Find more details at https://sites.google.com/site/inspiremappingtutorial/home

Plan4all Book [for download]
EUROGI 2011-10-31

Plan4all has considered ending with a printed book summarising the excursus of the work and the achievements, mainly on the basis of the idea that the achieved results about spatial planning interoperability should be spread among the wider communities at EU and international level as well.

The Plan4all project delivers technical results that will be of interest of spatial planners,  GI experts and ICT professionals. The Plan4all Project fosters the exchange of ideas and experiences between those professional communities. To be fruitful, such dialogue requires a common language. This book, focussing on the approaches more than on the technicalities, is aimed  to contribute to this common language.

Plan4all was registered and approved by GEOSS
Karel Charvat 2011-10-25

Plan4all Geoportal www.plan4all.eu  and Plan4all Catalogue services  www.plan4all.eu/metadata/csw/index.php  were approved as part of Global Earth Observation System of Systems (GEOSS) Infrastructure.

Presentations from the Plan4all Final Conference
UWB 2011-10-20

All the presentations from the Plan4all Final Conference held on13 October 2011 in Brussels are now available.

La panificazione territoriale inteoperabile
AMFM GIC Italia 2011-10-14

EUROGI/eSDI-Net Awards 2011 Conference
UWB 2011-10-05

The EUROGI/eSDI-Net Awards 2011 Conference will take place on Wednesday 12th October 2011 in Brussels. More details can be found here including registration and programme.

Plan4all Final Conference
UWB 2011-09-22

The Plan4all Final Conference is in 21 days. Please find below the up-to-date agenda and further information regarding the venue and accommodation.

Please register for the conference here (there is a limit of 100 participants).

Land Use data model: P4a vs INSPIRE
Flavio Camerata 2011-09-15

Newsletter, Issue 5, September 2011
UWB 2011-09-08

Plan4all final conference - Practical Information, Access & Accommodation
ISOCARP 2011-09-02

UWB 2011-08-30

We would like to invite you to the joint meeting of the European projects PLAN4ALL, BRISEIDE, CENTRALAB, ENVIROGRID and HABITATS. The workshop will be held on 5th October 2011 in picturesque premises of the Kozel Castle ( http://www.zamek-kozel.cz/ ) which is very close to the Pilsen city, Czech Republic.

Plan4all GeoPortal and Open Sources
Karel Charvat 2011-08-18

Parts of Plan4all GeoPortal are Open Source. Currently could be mentioned:

  • Visualization client HSlayers
  • Geohosting

This document describe Plan4all platform.

European Seminar Land Use, Land Cover and Habitats
Didier Vancutsem 2011-08-17

European Seminar

Land Use, Land Cover and Habitats issues in terms of INSPIRE

Challenges for a sustainable development in Europe

A seminar for public and private actors active in the field of spatial planning in Europe

Brussels, 21 September 2011 – 13.00 – 17.00h

Committee of the Regions

Plan4all Conference
ToMas 2011-07-14

The final Plan4all Conference will be held in Brussels as a side event of Open Days 2011.

Please find more details and the registration form here.

Plan4all Workshop during the INSPIRE Conference 2011
ToMas 2011-06-13

The Plan4all outcomes and other related initiatives will be introduced during the INSPIRE Conference 2011 held in Edinburgh (27 June 1 July 2011). A workshop called Interoperability of Spatial Planning Data and Educational Activities will briefly introduce the Plan4all project and will show on practical examples the INSPIRE implementation process. As an invited speaker will be Robin Waters from RSW Geomatics/Cambridge.

ROOM: Moorfoot, Edinburgh International Conference Centre

DATE: 28 June, 9:00

Spatial Planning in South East Europe - presentations available
Plan4all 2011-05-12

The presentations from the Plan4all workshop held in Ljubljana, April 2011 are now available on the site of CEKTRA.

EuroGeographics announces international not-for-profit status to secure solid foundation for future success
EuroGeographics 2011-04-19

EuroGeographics, which represents Europe’s National Mapping, Land Registry and Cadastral Agencies, has become an international non-profit organisation (INPO) to help deliver further benefits to policy and decision-makers worldwide.

Spatially Enabling e-Government Through Geo-Services
Mauro Salvemini (EUROGI) 2011-04-18

The Plan4all project was presented at the Hunter College Geography Department, NYC by Mauro Salvemini (EUROGI).

During the colloquium, Mauro discussed how e-government and geographic information can be integrated to provide the most efficient spatial data infrastructure services to citizens and the general public. He focused on implementations of regional, national, and European Union-level initiatives within the framework of INSPIRE and presented a number of specific projects co-funded by EU including the Plan4all project.

Get ready for the testing of the INSPIRE data specifications
Plan4all 2011-04-12

The INSPIRE Team published a call for participants for data specifications testing of INSPIRE Annex II and III. More information can be found on the INSPIRE website as an announcement or as PDF document containing all the details.

Presentations from the Spatial Planning in Europe in terms of INSPIRE seminar
ISOCARP 2011-04-06

Due to the lack of availalaibility, quality, organisation and sharing of spatial information experienced across various levels of public authorities in Europe, the European Community decided in 2007 to establish an European infrastructure for spatial information. This infrastructure called „INSPIRE - Infrastructure for Spatial Information in the European Community“ is under contruction and has to be operational in 2014.

The Seminar organised by ISOCARP within the Plan4all Project discussed first the question of INSPIRE and spatial planning, related to the Plan4all project, and focussed in a second part on public and private actors active in the field of spatial planning having to deal with INSPIRE in a near future: Environment, Spatial Planning, Real Estate Industry.

Plan4all WS: Spatial Planning in South Eastern Europe
ToMas 2011-03-08

Centre for Knowledge Transfer in cooperation with EUROGI and with support of Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning of Republic of Slovenia is organising a regional conference within the Plan4all project, cofinanced by the European Commission within the eContentplus  programme.

"Spatial Planning in South Eastern Europe"

The workshop will be held on April 19th 2011 in Ljubljana, Slovenia at Ministry of Public Administration. All information regarding the event and registration can be found HERE

2nd HUNAGI Conference & Plan4all Workshop - 3rd March 2011
HUNAGI 2011-02-18

Digital Spatial Planning – a Reality or Utopia?

Date: 3rd March 2011

Venue: Budapest, Hotel Gellért

Hungarian GI Association in close cooperation with EUROGI is committed to build a bridge between the local stakeholders, fragmented interest groups, bringing the relevant public, academic, private and civil sector representatives together. Decision makers, core and value added service providers and users such as local governments are invited to a forum entitled Digital Spatial Planning - a reality or utopia? Due to the importance of the subject, HUNAGI upgraded this Plan4all Workshop on Conference level, the first international event on GI in Budapest during the Semester of the Hungarian Presidency of the European Council.

For more information:

Conference programme (18.2.2011)

Up-to-date blog

HUNAGI website

HSRS contributes to Czech INSPIRE Geoportal
Karel Charvat 2011-02-15

HSRS signed contract with IBM about cooperation on implementation of Czech INSPIRE Geoportal.

More then 500 000 hits
Karel Charvat 2011-02-01

Till end of January we reached more then 500 000 hits on Plan4all portal

Frank Hoffmann,Karel Charvat 2011-01-30

Dear colleagues,

the forthcoming GI2011-X-border-SDI/GDI-Symposium (  "11. Sächsisches GIS-Forum"  ) will be in year 2011 a real Cross-border event, to be held 23./24.05.2011 in "Bohemia&Saxonia Switzerland",  the National Park Zentrum of Euroregion "Elbe/Labe" (EEL) on both sides of the border between Bad Schandau (SAX) and Decin (CZE).

Also our community on Facebook has 100 members
Karel Charvat 2011-01-20

Today our community on Facebook reach 100 members

Plan4all Seminar in Brussels: Spatial Planning in Europe in Terms of INSPIRE
ISOCARP 2011-01-18

A Seminar for Stakeholders and Actors in the field of spatial planning in Europe will be held in Brussels, 24. February 2011, 14.00 - 18.00 ISOCARP Brussels Liaison Office.

The programme can be downloaded here.

100 members on Linkedin
Karel Charvat 2011-01-06

Today Plan4all group on Linkedin reach 100 members.

First test of data harmonisation in Zemgale Planning Region
Otakar Cerba, Jan Jezek, Peteris Bruns, Premysl Vohnout, Inga Berzina 2010-12-12

In Zemgale planning region there are currently deployed all spatial plans of region with related metadata on Geoportal. Before the full deployment a first test of data harmonisation was done. The objective of this test there was to generate from spatial plans data according the nomenclature of specification CORINE Land Cover (CLC). The experiment covered only a part of region, but future deployment will use only automatic process od data harmonisation based on a pre-definition of harmonisation rules. The testing process covers not only reclassification of attributes (including merging), but also changes in topology and geometry (e.g. merging or grouping of regions). Till now it was not agreed full transformation scheme between ZPR spatial planning data and CLC nomenclature. It requires further analysis.

D4.2 Conceptual Data Models For Selected Themes
ToMas 2010-12-01

The aim of the WP4 Plan4all data model definition was to define conceptual data models for the following spatial data themes defined in the INSPIRE Directive (INSPIRE, 2007):

  • Land cover
  • Land use
  • Utility and Governmental services
  • Production and industrial facilities
  • Agricultural and aquaculture facilities
  • Area management/restriction/regulation zones and reporting units
  • Natural risk zones

D5.2 Plan4all Networking Architecture
ToMas 2010-12-01

This document intends to formalise and describe the Plan4all networking and data sharing
architecture, and suggest its possible components.

All articles on the geoportal simply searched
ToMas 2010-11-03

All articles published on the Plan4all geoportal can be searched by catalogue (MIcKA) that is implemented as part of the geoportal solution. More about the catalogue engine and other geoportal components can be found here.

D3.2.2 Plan4all Metadata Profile
ToMas 2010-11-02

The aim of WP3 was to define the European metadata profile for spatial planning, which will cover the requirements given by national legislation and the INSPIRE Directive. The work includes:

  • to analyse the requirements on spatial planning metadata given by national legislation.
  • to define the European metadata profile (platform neutral) for spatial planning.

SDI, Communities and Social Networks
Kristina Cerbova 2010-09-07

Invitation for potential authors

Karel Charvat 2010-09-16

The international committee would like to invite you to join the 8th WCCA and 8th EFITA conferences. The conference will be held from 11th to 14th July 2011 at the Czech University of Life Sciences Prague, in the Czech Republic. This conference strives to provide researchers, industries, politicians  and professionals with the opportunity to build connections between and among different developments in the use of information technologies. The conference language is English.

Plan4all introduced to the INSPIRE Forum members
ToMas 2010-10-08

Plan4all was introduced to the INSPIRE Forum members and INSPIRE registered users. The newsletter can be found here.

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