2012-12-18 INSPIRE Conference 2013 - Call for papers

As much as the Renaissance movement profoundly affected European intellectual life, its influence felt in art,...

2012-12-05 The smeSpire network now expands also in Hungary!

A warm welcome to  HUNAGI , the Hungarian Association...

2012-11-29 Proposal for a new EU Environment Action Programme to 2020

The European Commission today put forward a proposal for an Environment Action Programme (EAP) to guide EU...

2012-12-18 INSPIRE Conference 2013 - call for papers

INSPIRE Conference 2013,
INSPIRE The Green renaissance,
June 23-27, Florence, Italy

As much as...

2012-07-16 INSPIRE Annex II and III draft guidance documents

The current versions of the draft guidelines for all 25 themes covered in INSPIRE Annex II and III aren now...

2012-06-22 INSPIRE Conference webcast link

THe webcast link for the INSPIRE 2012 conference is available:

2011-11-10 The OGC's next meeting will be in Brussels 28 November - 2 December

The Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC®) announced that it will hold its next OGC Technical Committee and Planning...

2011-11-07 OGC 3DIM honors 3D Pilot NL with OGC 3D award

During the well-attended OGC 3D Summit in Boulder, Colorado the first ever OGC 3DIM Award was given to the 3D Pilot NL,...

2011-11-04 OGC and USGIF Announce WhereCon 2012 to be held in Washington, DC

The Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) and the United States Geospatial Intelligence Foundation (USGIF) announce the ...

Plan4all Description of Work: DoW.pdf

In the following table you can find all publicly available deliverables of the Plan4all project for download in PDF format.

No. Title Submitted to the EC
D9.2 Plan4all Spatial Data Interest Communities registration July 2009
D9.1 Web Site July 2009
D9.5 Multimedia Project Presentation July 2009
D2.1 Cluster of Leading Organisations in SDI for Spatial Planning November 2009
D2.2 Analysis of Innovative Challenges November 2009
D2.3 INSPIRE Requirements Analysis November 2009
D2.4. User Analysis Report November 2009
D8.1 Validation Methodology November 2009
D9.7.1 Workshops and Conferences November 2009
D3.1 Analysis of National Requirements on Spatial Planning Metadata February 2010
D4.1 Analysis of Conceptual Data Models for Selected Schemes Used in Single Countries March 2010
D5.1 Analysis of Demand on European Spatial Planning Data Sharing March 2010
D9.8.1 Dissemination Materials April 2010
D9.9.1 External Publishing April 2010
D1.2.1 Annual Report May 2010
D9.7.2 Workshops and Conferences May 2010
D3.2.2 Plan4all Metadata Profile September 2010
D4.2 Conceptual Data Models for Selected Themes October 2010
D5.2 Plan4all Networking Architecture October 2010
D6.1 Deployment of Platforms on Local, Regional and National Levels December 2010
D8.2 Assessment of Project Solutions March 2011
D6.2 Pan European Plan4all Platform April 2011
D7.2 Data Deployment Stage 1 April 2011
D9.7.4 Workshops and Conferences April 2011
D9.8.3 Dissemination Materials April 2011
D9.9.3 External Publishing April 2011
D7.1 Metadata Deployment Stage 1 May 2011
D1.2.2 Annual Report May 2011

D9.9.3 External Publishing (edit)
UWB 2011-10-11

D9.8.3 Dissemination Materials
UWB 2011-10-11

D9.7.4 Workshops and Conferences
UWB 2011-10-11

D8.2 Assessment of Project Solutions
UWB 2011-10-11

D7.2 Data Deployment Stage 1
UWB 2011-10-11

D7.1 Metadata Deployment Stage 1
UWB 2011-10-11

D6.2 Pan European Plan4all Platform
UWB 2011-10-11

D1.2.2 Annual Report
UWB 2011-10-11

Deployment of Platforms on Local, Regional and National Levels
Plan4all Team 2011-04-18

The objective of Task 6.1 is to support pilot deployment of SDI infrastructure, which will support future integration with global Plan4all platform and also will support data and metadata harmonisation. The reports is available on the Plan4all geoportal for download.

D5.2 Plan4all Networking Architecture
ToMas 2010-12-01

This document intends to formalise and describe the Plan4all networking and data sharing
architecture, and suggest its possible components.

D4.2 Conceptual Data Models For Selected Themes
ToMas 2010-12-01

The aim of the WP4 Plan4all data model definition was to define conceptual data models for the following spatial data themes defined in the INSPIRE Directive (INSPIRE, 2007):

  • Land cover
  • Land use
  • Utility and Governmental services
  • Production and industrial facilities
  • Agricultural and aquaculture facilities
  • Area management/restriction/regulation zones and reporting units
  • Natural risk zones

D3.2.2 Plan4all Metadata Profile
ToMas 2010-11-02

The aim of WP3 was to define the European metadata profile for spatial planning, which will cover the requirements given by national legislation and the INSPIRE Directive. The work includes:

  • to analyse the requirements on spatial planning metadata given by national legislation.
  • to define the European metadata profile (platform neutral) for spatial planning.

D2.4 User Analysis Report & D2.3 Inspire Requirements Analysis
ToMas 2010-10-25

Partners involved in the task 2.4 have elaborated more detailed analysis of user requirements through case-studies. The case studies‟ analysis includes data relating to metadata, data models, networking technologies. This additional data can be used for spatial modelling and for design of common models as an intersection of existing solutions.

The present deliverable D2.3 “Analysis of INSPIRE requirements” provides an implementation-neutral and INSPIRE oriented set of recommendations for the modelling concepts for geographic data and metadata which will be further developed in WP3 and WP4.

D2.1 Cluster of Leading Organisations & D2.2 Analysis of Innovative Challenges
ToMas 2010-10-25

The report “Cluster of leading regional and local administration in building SDI for spatial planning” starts with a description of the key-drivers of spatial planning in Europe for the 21st Century, describes on the basis of a European-wide survey the different planning systems in Europe and their relationship to SDI infrastructure, actual SDI projects in Europe, best practices of Planning and SDI, and indicates the concept of European Clusters.

D2.2 Analysis of Innovative Challenges - this deliverable presents the results of task 2.2 which is part of WP2 – the state of the art analysis – and has the objective to analyse latest developments and innovative challenges in SDI building for spatial planning in Europe. The objective of this delive­rable is to assist to pilot partners deploy their infrastructure in WP6.1, to prepare recommenda­tion for possible platforms.


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